19. June 2018

Ware Houses


To be flexible anytime, and to be able to react to adverse conditions, we have established three national ware houses: Bedburg-Hau and Hagen. At these ware houses we stock up bulk liquids, fill drums and IBCs (totes) and make special product blends. The ware houses are directly connected to our main forwarders. This provides for immediate consignment and transport of the goods.

The forwarders we co-operate with are equipped according to the latest standards and employ well-trained drivers who have an excellent knowledge of everything that is important when handling chemicals. Thus, even the transport of hazardous goods does not trouble us. There is regular service to lots of European destinations with several departures per week.

Customers who have a truck-fleet of their own, of course, may pick up the goods themselves. Usually, such consignments can be made available for collection on the day of ordering.