19. June 2018

Delivery Program / Portfolio

Among others, we are ready to supply you with tall oil fatty acid (TOFA), lard oil, and dimer fatty acid.
Our portfolio comprises a great variety of oils, fats, fatty acids.

  • Coconut Oil, raw/refined
  • Linseed oil, raw
  • Orange terpenes
  • Palm oil, refined/hardened
  • Palm kernel oil, refined/hardened
  • Pine Oil
  • Castor oil
  • Rapeseed oil, blown/raw/refined
  • Soy bean oil, raw/refined
  • Turkish red oil
  • Lard oil
  • Neutral wool grease
  • Beef tallow
  • Wool grease olein
  • Caprylic-/Capric acid
  • Diacid-1550
  • Dimer acid
  • Fatty acid methyl ester
  • Linseed oil fatty acid, distilled
  • Mixed oil fatty acid, raw/distilled
  • Olein
  • Oleic acid, distilled
  • Castor oil fatty acid, raw/distilled
  • Rapeseed fatty acid, raw/distilled
  • Stearic acid
  • Beef tallow fatty acid, distilled
  • Distilled tall oil
  • Tall oil fatty acid, distilled
  • Wool grease fatty acid

We continuously have in stock many of the above-mentioned products at our warehouses in Bedburg-Hau, ready to be delivered to our customers upon demand. Just put us to the test! Please, send us your enquiry for a non-binding offer – even if you are looking for similar products of the vegetable/animal oils and fats range, which are not stated above. Upon request, we also will be glad to provide you with the corresponding data sheets and material safety data sheets of any products you are interested in. Furthermore, we are ready to give you up-to-date market information as well as product samples if required.