19. June 2018


Carroux Handelsgesellschaft Geesthacht © Carroux GmbH

Our business address until 2015: Geesthacht…

Carroux Handelsgesellschaft Heute © Carroux GmbH

… and our new office since 2015: Marschacht

CARROUX HANDELSGESELLSCHAFT mbH is an internationally operating trading company for oleo-chemical raw materials.

Amongst others, we supply raw, refined, and distilled oils, fats and their by-products, either of vegetable or animal origin.

For this purpose, we use a network of various sources of supply. We would like to point out our special cooperation with West Rock MWV, LLC, for whom we do the overall-Germany distribution of tall oil fatty acid, distilled tall oil, and Diacid-1550.

Our  predominantly medium-sized, ambitious and ground-breaking customers expect us to perform an excellent service, especially as far as  on-time deliveries are concerned, be it short-term orders with short-term delivery dates or long-term on-demand contracts.

Carroux Handelsgesellschaft mbH is a renowned, inter-sectoral enterprise with many years of well-founded experience. Our main task is to keep our customers satisfied. Among others, there are companies from the metal working sector, building chemistry, gluing industry, as well as companies from other important lines of industry, like road construction business or soap manufacturing.

Consequently, our raw materials are part of many products and manufactures of our customers, or they are used as additives for the manufacture of consumer goods.

We always pay attention to the fact that every supplier and every business partner we inter-act with are experts in what they do and that they share our philosophy of rendering possible the impossible.

The biggest advantage our customers take of us is our great flexibility, which we – last but not least – maintain by making use of several ware houses throughout Germany. Thus, we are in a position to coffer tailor-made and punctual deliveries at all times. We put into practice such customized solutions at convincing prices, even for small purchase orders.

We trade various products, e. g. tall oil fatty acid, distilled tall oil. Various vegetable fatty acids. Rape seed fatty acid, dimer acid. Lard oil.